CVA In Mozambique

07:49 Feb 1 2019 Mozambique

In Mozambique World Vision facilitated CVA activitie have been mostly focussed on Education, health and CP sectors. A great deal of effort and time went into sensitization and training of various stakeholders, including Government and service providers, so as to ensure they partcipated in the process in a constructive and sensitive manner. CVA Committees comprising some of the communities most influential people are now in place in in all the districts World Vision Mozambique is operating it and where approximately 100, 000 people have so far been impacted by their work. World Vision is now conducting a CVA through community radio pilot, entailing town hall style road shows. This is still under testing and lessons learned and best practices documented throughout the process will be shared shortly. It is expected that this will bolster on going efforts to improve service delivery through CVA.
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