With the repair of a fridge, Buraru H/C111 becomes operational again

11:46 Oct 8 2018 Hoima district, Uganda

Located 22km from Hoima district vaccine cold store, in Buraru parish and Kyabigambire sub county, Buraru H/C III serves a catchment population of 20321 and 874 under one. From, 2017 to march 2018, the facility struggled to offer vaccination services. This was due to breakdown of vaccine fridge at the vaccine. The little PHC funds couldn’t handle the repair cost while engagement of district officials was proving to be fruitless
“ during that time we had to move long distances with non-reliable transport to the district to pick the vaccines daily and return them in the evening, this often resulted delayed start of vaccination activities, during rainy season we could postpone the picking of vaccines which often resulted in many children missing vaccination especially the newborn. Outreaches were hard to organize as it was costly to first move to district to pick vaccine before going for outreach. It also often forced us to dispose off remaining vaccines as we had no was storing them for the next day---- midwife at Buraru H/C III”
In March 2018, the MNCH project organized CVA community dialogue during which fridge breakdown was identify. This was escalated to the sub county level and later to later to the district during RMNCH dissemination and sharing session.
The DHT immediately resolved to immediately repair the fridge and start the process of purchasing the new one and the fridge was repaired.
“From the time our fridge was repaired, we now offer daily vaccination services, all newborns are vaccinated before discharge even during rainy days unlike before. With vaccines at the facility our staff arrive on time for outreach and parent bring the their children for children for vaccination in large number unlike before when they had fears of not finding vaccine. We are now able to achieve vaccination for at least 95% of our target under population unlike before when we could struggle to reach even 60% - in charge Buraru H/CIII”
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