The Uganda National youth manifesto 2015-2021

06:15 Mar 23 2016 Kampala, Uganda

Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) and other many civil society youth organizations, came up with a National Youth Manifesto in 2005 but it became very popular in 2010 when the National Youth Manifesto 2011-2015 was launched.
From June- August 2015, the Kampala CVA working team spearheaded the validation process of the National Youth Manifesto 2016-2021 in Kampala Particularly Nakawa Division.
The validation process gave birth to the final National Youth Manifesto which was launched on 9/8/2015 in Kampala. The National Youth Manifesto contains several demands and proposals in five different sectors of: employment, education, sports and culture, health and lastly participation.
The National Youth Manifesto 2016 -2021, is a success contract between the youth and any leader or political party that is intending to contest for a political position.
It is a tool to be used for social accountability and inclusion into other manifestos of any person or party contesting for a political office. Any individual, who will not incorporate the youth manifesto into theirs, will be decampaigned by the youth. This is because youth constitute the largest percentage of Uganda’s population (78%) of 30 years and below; and failure to consider their issues or proposals is like committing treason.
Therefore, launching the National Youth Manifesto 2016- 2021 though with the help of very many other youth organizations, is a tremendous achievement for the Kampala CVA team and the country at large. We are happy to have been part of this achievement!

As narrated by Rita Kisakye and Chrispin Kitahimbwa members of the CVA team members in Kampala city under UPLIFT project
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